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Property & Climate Risk Intelligence Powered by AI

Frequent natural disasters displace families, devastate communities, and drive financial loss. ZestyAI uses artificial intelligence to understand the impact of climate risk to each and every building.

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Uniting Purpose

Our mission is to help protect families, communities, and their financial well-being.
ZestyAI turns uncertainty into confidence.

ZestyAI turns uncertainty into confidence.

We deliver 10X on every dollar that our customers invest.

What we do

Assess Property Risk and Value with Surgical Precision

We help protect the world's largest store of wealth, real estate, through predictive models that deliver risk and value insights about each and every property.

Unique Property-Specific Insights

Unique Property-Specific Insights

Amidst increasing risk from climate-related events and changes in consumer behavior, understanding regional risk simply isn’t good enough. ZestyAI provides property-level insights accounting for every detail that could impact a property’s value and associated risks.

Addressing Climate Risk

Addressing Climate Risk

When the Tubbs Fire struck Northern California, less than 10% of losses fell where the industry expected them to happen. ZestyAI realized that better models, using property-specific data, could help de-risk any climate-related peril.

An Experienced Team

Meet the leadership at ZestyAI

  • Attila Toth

    Attila Toth

    Founder & CEO

  • Kumar Dhuvur

    Kumar Dhuvur

    Founder & Product

  • Andrew Merski

    Andrew Merski


  • Cathy Link

    Cathy Link

    Customer Success

  • John Burega

    John Burega

    Customer Development

  • Kim Krenzler

    Kim Krenzler

    People & Culture

  • Leslie Molina

    Leslie Molina

    Finance & Administration

  • Nick Allain

    Nick Allain



Value-Driven, Lasting Relationships

Value-Driven, Lasting Relationships

There are hundreds, if not thousands, of data vendors for insurance and real estate. However, good partners take the time to ensure that their product will make a positive impact on your bottom line and community.

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