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High-Accuracy Location Insights

Z-PROPERTY™ Location Insights bring property risk and value intelligence to insurance and real estate through AI and fresh aerial imagery. 

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150M+ Digital Properties with 200B+ Data Points

↳ In The Past

Relying on human-provided property data and limited inspection resources left carriers exposed to unforeseen & accumulated risks.


Accurate property information is automatically incorporated into underwriting for enhanced risk selection, better rating, and increased premium capture.

A Digital Source of Truth for Every Property

Unparalleled Fill Rate

Unparalleled Fill Rate

Z-PROPERTY™ covers the entirety of North America with the latest aerial imagery. 

Comprehensive Property Insights

Comprehensive Property Insights

Z-PROPERTY™ provides essential parcel, structure, and roof insights with high accuracy, all without stepping on-site. 

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Improving the Customer Experience

Real Time Pre-fill of Property Data

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Available for commercial and residential properties.

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For Insurance and Real Estate

  1. Enhance risk selection
  2. Increase premium capture
  3. Lower loss ratios
  4. Improve customer experience: decrease time to quote and bind

Z-VIEW™ Application

Zero IT Integration & Easy to Use

Z-VIEW™  Application

Z-VIEW™ gives Z-PROPERTY™ users the ability to quickly access property insights for any address or portfolio.

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  • Unprecedented transparency
  • Easy address lookup
  • Recent aerial imagery
  • Analyze one property or a portfolio

Rapid AI-Powered Portfolio Review Case Study

This Leading Insurer Cut Their Loss Ratio by 4.7 Points

Rapid AI-Powered Portfolio Review Case Study

How did a top-10 insurer isolate their riskiest properties, improve their action rate to 93% on properties identified by ZestyAI, and create a sustainable process to ensure continued profitability of their book? In this case study, learn how insurers are using rapid AI-powered portfolio quality review to catch changes at renewal, reduce accumulated risk, and take action quickly to reduce their loss radio without requiring any additional underwriting or IT resources. 

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Improving Property Intelligence

For Risk Selection, Product Fit, and Proactive Risk Mitigation

Insurance Quoting

Capture more high-quality properties at the top of the funnel and enable the instant quoting experience that consumers expect.

Rating & Underwriting

Improve risk selection based on key attributes that are proven to drive lift, such as roof quality, lot debris, and vegetation overhang. Identify property features that require surcharges and modifiers, such as swimming pools, solar panels, and skylights.

Desktop Appraisal

Get more done without adding underwriting, inspection, or IT resources. Get accurate data and identify key risks with the help of AI and our web interface.

Asset Management

Detect problems in a portfolio before losses occur and prioritize capital expenditure across the book.

Other Property Insights

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