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Digital Roof™

Automated Assessment of Roofs from the Sky

ZestyAI provides unique insights about each and every roof in North America. 

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Roof claims are the leading driver of insurance losses.

↳ In The Past

Roof information was pieced together through self reported information and inspections.

↳ Today's Roof Insights

ZestyAI takes the guesswork out of assessing the risk and replacement value for every roof.

Quantifying Roof Risk and Value

Roof Complexity

Roof Complexity

The value of a roof is heavily tied to its complexity. Insurers and real estate partners take advantage of the most powerful and relevant roof data for every property in North America, including:

  • Facets
  • Ridges
  • Valleys
  • Pitch
  • Eave Height
  • And Many More 

Roof Condition

ZestyAI’s Digital Roof utilizes high-resolution aerial imagery to categorize roofs into five condition levels. Insurers leverage roof condition in underwriting and rating, as well as combining condition with other powerful digital roof features for inspection optimization.

Light Wear
Light Wear
Heavy Wear
Heavy Wear
Minor Damage
Minor Damage
Major Damage
Major Damage

Key Roof Features

Available for Both Personal and Commercial Lines

Roof Material

The material of a roof affects longevity, vulnerability, and replacement cost. Knowing the material of a roof at the start of the policy lifecycle allows for smarter decisions and reduces premium leakage. 

Roof Shape

Differentiation between hip, gable, mixed, flat, and other roof types allows carriers to better estimate roof replacement cost.

Solar Panels

Solar panel insurance coverage is included in most homeowners insurance policies. As the adoption of solar increases, ZestyAI’s Digital Roof gives carriers increased visibility into which policies on their book may carry the risk of a solar panel claim. 


Skylights often let more into a home than light. They are a common source of leaks and insurance claims. 


For Insurance & Real Estate

  1. Faster, more accurate quotes; fewer post-bind cancellations
  2. Lower loss ratios through superior risk selection
  3. Improved premium capture
  4. Underwriting inspection optimization

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