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Industry-leading Wildfire Risk Insights

Trained using artificial intelligence (AI) on the world's largest wildfire loss database, Z-FIRE™ offers individualized wildfire risk scores for each property based on its unique characteristics.

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8 of the 10 costliest wildfires have occurred in the last decade.

↳ Before Z-FIRE™

Wildfire risk was assessed at the regional level, ignoring property-specific factors and risk mitigation.

↳ With Z-FIRE™

Wildfire risk is assessed at the property-level, providing increased transparency and predictive power.

Wildfire Risk Scoring

Z-FIRE™ Community-level Score

Z-FIRE™ Community-level Score

How likely are wildfires to occur in this area?

Z-FIRE™ uses AI and extensive loss data to enable more accurate and granular community-level scores than traditional regional models.

Z-FIRE™ Property-level Score

Z-FIRE™ Property-level Score

If a property experiences a wildfire, how likely is it to be damaged?

Z-FIRE™ combines vital property details, including mitigation efforts, and comprehensive loss data with AI to produce a property-level predictive risk score.


Z-FIRE™ Accurately Assesses Wildfire Risk

  1. Improved Risk Selection
  2. Premiums Commensurate with Risk
  3. Decreased Loss Ratio
  4. Fully Compliant with Current Regulations from DOIs (e.g., California)

Z-VIEW™ Application

Zero IT Integration & Easy to Use

Z-VIEW™  Application

Z-VIEW™ is a web-based application that gives users the ability to quickly access Z-FIRE™ scores and score explanations for any address.

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  • Unprecedented transparency
  • Easy address lookup
  • Score explanations
  • Recent aerial imagery
  • Simulate scores tied to mitigation

Heritage Insurance

Mastering Wildfire Risk with Z-FIRE

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When the traditional methods of assessing wildfire risks, which were once standard in the industry, began to show their limitations, Heritage Insurance turned to the precision of Z-FIRE.

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Adopted By Leading Insurers

  • "If Z-FIRE™ was used to completely re-underwrite Amica’s entire California portfolio, in 2020 Amica would have prevented 95% of its wildfire losses in the state.”

    William Pitts
    Senior Assistant Vice President, Amica

  • "Farmers is excited to be a leader in helping to address the state's complex homeowners insurance marketplace ... using ZestyAI's innovative new technology."

    Keith Daly
    President of Personal Lines, Farmers Insurance

California's Insurance Crisis

Z-FIRE™ Helps More Homeowners Get Insured

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"With Z-FIRE™, ZestyAI helps insurance companies evaluate each home, not just the zip code."

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More Case Studies

Strong Regulatory Momentum

Adopted for Rating & Underwriting in the Western U.S.

Strong Regulatory Momentum

Map includes states where Z-FIRE™ has been adopted by insurance carriers for rating and/or underwriting.

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