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Real Estate

Property Insights for Valuation, Appraisal, and Portfolio Management

A new level of understanding for transactions, mortgage underwriting, investment portfolios, and more.

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Real-time insights on over 150 million properties in the United States

Giving you clarity at all levels — from the individual property up to an entire portfolio

How ZestyAI Brings Value to Real Estate

Better Appraisals

Desktop appraisals often miss key value-determining insights and physical appraisers often lack data before showing up on-site. ZestyAI’s AI-derived property analytics give both a leg-up without the need for setting foot on the property.

Improved Valuation Accuracy

While Automated Valuation Models (AVMs) are used frequently in the real estate industry, they often miss key value-determining insights. Investors and lenders can complete the picture with ZestyAI’s AI-derived property analytics.

Better Portfolio Monitoring

When reporting on net asset value, Single Family Rental (SFR) investors will often rely solely on an AVM. ZestyAI provides a new level of clarity into both the valuation and capital planning of existing assets by providing regular updates on a portfolio.

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