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For Commercial Real Estate

Z-PROPERTY™ brings property risk and value insights to insurance and real estate through AI and fresh aerial imagery. 

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150M+ Digital Properties with 200B+ Data Points

↳ In The Past

Commercial property underwriting was expensive, error-prone, and plagued by inaccurate information.


Unique aerial imagery-based insights enable accurate risk and replacement cost assessment of commercial properties.

A Digital Source of Truth for Every Commercial Property

Unparalleled Fill Rate

Unparalleled Fill Rate

Z-PROPERTY™ covers the entirety of North America with the latest aerial imagery. 

Comprehensive Property Insights

Comprehensive Property Insights

Z-PROPERTY™ provides unique parcel, structure, vegetation, and roof information for each commercial structure without ever having to send a risk engineer on-site. 

Available for small commercial to campus-style properties. 




Identify The Right Structures


ZestyAI leverages enhanced geocoding and AI algorithms to accurately identify the correct structure(s) associated with any address. 

Improving Property Intelligence

For Both Valuation and Risk Determination

Insurance Quoting

Capture more high-quality properties at the top of the funnel and enable the instant quoting experience that customers expect.

Underwriting and Rating

Attain more accurate pricing and take out the guesswork from underwriting.

Desktop Appraisal

Make desktop appraisals faster and more efficient by removing assumptions and reducing human-contributed data from the process. 

Real Asset Management

Detect problems in a portfolio before losses occur and prioritize capital expenditure across the book.


For Insurance and Real Estate

  1. Improved user experience
  2. Reduced steps to quote
  3. Lower loss ratios
  4. Accelerated completion rates & up-to-date profiles

Z-VIEW™ Application

Zero IT Integration & Easy to Use

Z-VIEW™ Application

Z-VIEW™ is a web-based application that gives agents and underwriters the ability to quickly access property insights for any address.

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  • Unprecedented transparency
  • Easy address lookup
  • Recent aerial imagery
  • Visual property investigation
  • Accurate structure level data

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