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Industry-leading Wildfire Risk Insights

Trained using artificial intelligence (AI) on the world's largest wildfire loss database, Z-FIRE™ offers individualized wildfire risk scores for each property based on its unique characteristics.

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8 of the 10 costliest wildfires have occurred in the last decade.

↳ Before Z-FIRE™

Wildfire risk was assessed at the regional level, ignoring property-specific factors and risk mitigation.

↳ With Z-FIRE™

Wildfire risk is assessed at the property-level, providing increased transparency and predictive power.

Wildfire Risk Scoring

Z-FIRE™ Community-level Score

Z-FIRE™ Community-level Score

How likely are wildfires to occur in this area?

Z-FIRE™ uses AI and extensive loss data to enable more accurate and granular community-level scores than traditional regional models.

Z-FIRE™ Property-level Score

Z-FIRE™ Property-level Score

If a property experiences a wildfire, how likely is it to be damaged?

Z-FIRE™ combines vital property details, including mitigation efforts, and comprehensive loss data with AI to produce a property-level predictive risk score.


Z-FIRE™ Accurately Assesses Wildfire Risk

  1. Improved Risk Selection
  2. Premiums Commensurate with Risk
  3. Decreased Loss Ratio
  4. Fully Compliant with Current Regulations from DOIs (e.g., California)

Z-VIEW™ Application

Zero IT Integration & Easy to Use

Z-VIEW™  Application

Z-VIEW™ is a web-based application that gives users the ability to quickly access Z-FIRE™ scores and score explanations for any address.

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  • Unprecedented transparency
  • Easy address lookup
  • Score explanations
  • Recent aerial imagery
  • Simulate scores tied to mitigation

2023 Wildfire Insights

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2023 Wildfire Insights

Despite the temporary respite from widespread wildfire devastation in 2023, the risk of wildfire continues to escalate. Gain valuable insights into the current wildfire landscape, and learn how insurers can transform this temporary lull into a significant opportunity.

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  • Wildfire season trends
  • Going beyond drought factors for more accurate underwriting
  • The power of AI risk assessment
  • New regulatory standards transforming the insurance sector
  • How ZestyAI's Z-FIRE handled last year's atypical fire season

California FAIR Plan Case Study

Z-FIRE™ delivers 38X lift in risk prediction

California FAIR Plan Case Study

Using ~230k homes covered by the California Fair Access to Insurance Requirements (FAIR) Plan from 2016-2019, Milliman compared ZestyAI’s Z-FIRE™ model to the traditional model used for assessing risk. 

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California's Insurance Crisis

Z-FIRE™ Helps More Homeowners Get Insured

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"With Z-FIRE™, ZestyAI helps insurance companies evaluate each home, not just the zip code."

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More Case Studies

Adopted By Leading Insurers

  • "If Z-FIRE™ was used to completely re-underwrite Amica’s entire California portfolio, in 2020 Amica would have prevented 95% of its wildfire losses in the state.”

    William Pitts
    Senior Assistant Vice President, Amica

  • "Farmers is excited to be a leader in helping to address the state's complex homeowners insurance marketplace ... using ZestyAI's innovative new technology."

    Keith Daly
    President of Personal Lines, Farmers Insurance

Strong Regulatory Momentum

Adopted for Rating & Underwriting in the Western U.S.

Strong Regulatory Momentum

Map includes states where Z-FIRE™ has been adopted by insurance carriers for rating and/or underwriting.

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