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The Financial Technology Report names Attila Toth a Top InsurTech Executive of 2021

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The Financial Technology Report names Attila Toth a Top InsurTech Executive of 2021

The Zest

  • Attila Toth, Founder & CEO of ZestyAI, was named to The Financial Technology Report's Top 25 InsurTech Executives of 2021 report.

  • Selected from hundreds of nominations, the award pays special attention to each individual’s impact on the insurance industry and amount of businesses served.

  • Artificial intelligence and risk selection were specifically named as a focus of this year's selection committee.


ZestyAI Founder & CEO, Attila Toth, has today been honored by The Financial Technology Report in their naming of The Top 25 InsurTech Executives of 2021. Each year, the award highlights the leaders in the rapidly growing InsurTech sector as the next generation of businesses and consumers seek the highest-quality insurance services that fit their needs for convenience and affordability. In selecting this year’s awardees, several hundred nominations were closely evaluated, with special attention paid to each individual’s impact on the insurance industry, amount of businesses or consumers served, and breadth of experience as well as career achievements and influence among peers. 

According to The Financial Technology Report, “already well known and staying current with technology trends, the companies represented on this year’s list are poised to ascend as major players across a global market which is projected to reach $11.9 billion by 2027. With these leaders more than capable of adapting their operations as industry trends dictate, the evolution of InsurTech will mean record business for their enterprises.” In October, ZestyAI announced that it had tripled its bookings year over year and was positioned to double in size by the end of 2022.  

Technologies like artificial intelligence, cloud computing, and IoT have given new life to day-to-day insurance activities. Risk analytics and monitoring, specifically identified as areas of innovation by the selection committee, are being rapidly transformed by ZestyAI through Z-PROPERTY™ and Z-FIRE™. The continued widespread adoption of these products help carriers identify the property-specific risks that improve data-driven underwriting, establish even more accurate rating, and provide the customer experience that today’s consumers expect. 

About ZestyAI

ZestyAI offers access to precise intelligence about every property in North America for insurance and real estate customers. The company uses aerial imagery, permit, transaction, weather and IoT data, combined with artificial intelligence (AI) to turn more than 200 billion data points into comprehensive digital records and property-specific risk scores. ZestyAI provides a constantly updated database of real estate information that impacts a property’s value and associated risks including the potential impact of catastrophic events like wildfires, hail storms, and floods. In an increasingly digital world, ZestyAI brings properties into a new digital age that enables real time transactions and powerful predictive analytics. Visit for more information.


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