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Now Available: The Insurers Guide to Roof Risk

Learn how leading insurers are mastering roof risk and maximizing lift

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Now Available: The Insurers Guide to Roof Risk

It’s hard to overstate how important the roof is from an insurability standpoint. The roof represents significant risks and potential opportunities, making it a critical focus area for insurers. This has become even more important in recent years as the impact of severe convective storms is often reflected in roof losses. Understanding this, ZestyAI has released new research for property insurers called The Insurers Guide to Roof Risk.

Download The Insurers Guide to Roof Risk

In an era where the severity and frequency of roof-related claims are on the rise, particularly due to the increasing impact of severe convective storms, innovative tools and strategies are essential. The Insurers Guide to Roof Risk provides actionable insights to improve risk assessment, underwriting processes, and overall business strategy.

What’s Inside the Guide?

The Insurers Guide to Roof Risk includes:

  • Roof Failure Factors: Learn the underlying contributing factors behind why older roofs fail more often.
  • Beyond Roof Age: Discover why roof complexity, condition, and climate are more important than roof age alone.
  • Identifying Missing Risk Factors: Understand the key factors to roof risk that most traditional models miss.
  • Advanced Risk Segmentation: See how using machine learning and new data sources can split risk more than 60 times better than traditional models.
  • Portfolio Optimization: Access a comprehensive toolbox to optimize your portfolio and new business selection to generate exponential lift versus traditional models.

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