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New Research: "Hail Risk 2024: An Interactive Guide for Insurers"

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New Research: "Hail Risk 2024: An Interactive Guide for Insurers"

The landscape of hail risk management is undergoing a significant transformation. Our latest publication, "Hail Risk 2024: An Interactive Guide for Insurers," offers a critical examination, illustrated with compelling data, of the factors contributing to the alarming rise in hail-related losses over the last decade. Major changes to how hail is understood have changed how insurers should view the peril. This guide isn't just about understanding hail risk; it's about redefining how it is managed in the insurance industry.

Why This Guide is Indispensable:

  • Losses Rising — Understand the key factors driving record-breaking hail losses, and why there's more to the story than just "climate change."
  • Reinsurance  — Learn why insurance carriers now shoulder more of the burden due to changing risk transfer relations.
  • The Right Tools  — Explore how AI-based climate risk models are supplementing stochastic and actuarial models for a full picture of climate risk.
  • Actionable Steps  — See how leading carriers are applying granular, property-level insights and learn the proactive steps they're taking to mitigate risks and losses.

Ready to get up to speed on hail risk in 2024? Access the guide.

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