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ZestyAI Announces Agreement with Avoca Risk Underwriting Solutions

Avoca to use ZestyAI’s property analytics platform to support commercial property insurance underwriting across the U.S.

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ZestyAI Announces Agreement with Avoca Risk Underwriting Solutions

San Francisco, CA, March 25, 2024 – Today, ZestyAI, the leading provider of climate and property risk analytics solutions powered by artificial intelligence (AI), announced an agreement with Avoca Risk Underwriting Solutions (Avoca), a Managing General Agent (MGA), focused on a broad range of mixed commercial and habitational properties. Avoca and its subsidiary companies will be using ZestyAI’s Digital Roof™ and Location Insights™ products in their proprietary underwriting workbench to provide crucial property risk data that will improve their risk insight and underwriting process.

Commercial underwriting is manual and time-consuming; Avoca is modernizing the process by building best-in-class third-party data enrichment to instantly support its understanding of the property exposure its underwriters are evaluating. ZestyAI’s Digital Roof and Location Insights products apply artificial intelligence to over 200 billion data points from satellite and aerial imagery, building permits, real estate transactions, climatology, and historic loss data to produce highly accurate property insights.

These risk insights on the roof and parcel allow Avoca to instantly and confidently validate key underwriting data points. This approach, and ZestyAI's unparalleled fill rate, will streamline Avoca's underwriting, improving the efficiency of the underwriting team and lowering loss cost through allowing for the upfront virtual inspection of all accounts. It will further reduce the anticipated number of cancellations post physical inspection based on inaccurate risk data, which will benefit its producers.

"Our commitment to delivering excellence in underwriting has led us to ZestyAI," said Andy Carvill, CEO at Avoca. "This collaboration enables us to leverage cutting-edge technology and data-driven insights to accelerate our underwriting, reduce losses, and significantly improve our producer partners service.”

Our commitment to delivering excellence in underwriting has led us to ZestyAI.

“The key to mitigating losses, driving rate segmentation, and achieving better risk transfer outcomes is the use of the best risk models,” said Attila Toth, Founder and CEO of ZestyAI. “By integrating Digital Roof and Z-PROPERTY Location Insights, Avoca and their partners will now have access to property-specific insights and modern AI-driven models, so they can accurately assess risk, avoid losses, and price commensurate with risk.”

Avoca will leverage ZestyAI’s Digital Roof to comprehensively assess roof risk and value. AI-generated 3D analysis goes beyond roof quality to assess facets, angles, penetrations, and objects for unparalleled insights into roof condition, complexity, and potential points of failure. ZestyAI’s Location Insights delivers highly accurate property information on the parcel and structure for all properties in the US - all of which are obtained instantly all without ever stepping on-site. All of the information obtained through Digital Roof and Location Insights is automatically incorporated into underwriting for enhanced risk selection, better rating, and increased premium capture.


About Avoca Risk Underwriting Solutions 

Avoca Risk Underwriting Solutions is a standalone subsidiary of Avoca Insurance Holdings. Headquartered in Manchester, NH, the company provides full operational infrastructure to each of the Underwriting Companies. This includes the development of proprietary fit-for-purpose software built around best-in-class business processes including an outsourcing function. Services provided by ARUS include but are not limited to: Submissions processing through the policy life cycle, Portfolio Analytics, Catastrophe Modeling, Policy Form development, Fiduciary Accounting, Carrier Production and Financial Reporting, Finance and Accounting, Legal and Due Diligence, Underwriting Training programs and Group Human Resources.

About ZestyAI

ZestyAI is the leading property and climate risk platform for Property and Casualty (P&C) insurers in North America. The company has revolutionized the world’s understanding and management of property and climate perils by combining artificial intelligence with historical losses and cutting-edge data sources. Many leading insurers trust ZestyAI’s platform to identify risk and assess exposure, including the impact of catastrophic events like wildfires, hail, and wind storms. ZestyAI helps insurers make more informed underwriting decisions, rate fairly and accurately, and improve customer experience through actionable risk insights that both property owners and regulators trust. 

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Linsey Flannery, Director of Communications, ZestyAI


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