Join us in the Artificial Intelligence Revolution

“If software ate the world, models will run it.”

– Steven A. Cohen

Insurance is one of the last trillion-dollar industries that has remained largely untouched by technology. At we leverage Artificial Intelligence to change the way the global property insurance industry has been assessing risk for decades.

Silver in Global Innovation Challenge

2019 Zurich Innovation World Championship

Most Innovative Insurtech Startup

2018 Plug and Play’s Summer Summit

Work hard and play hard

We work hard, but we have fun, too! Whether its our daily engineering walks, weekly team lunches, kayak to work day, wine tasting trips, or s’mores making sessions, we know how to enjoy ourselves.

Open Positions

  • Business Operations Manager
  • Analytics Solutions Consultant
  • Senior Data Engineer
  • Machine Learning Scientist
  • Senior Software Engineer (Backend)

We are looking for a Business Operations Manager who will be a key player in scaling 10x as we enter a rapid growth trajectory.


The ideal candidate has spent 2 years post undergrad at a strategy consulting firm or an investment bank. You thrive in a collaborative, creative environment that moves fast. You want to be at the cutting edge of the newest technology and are comfortable learning new skills. You are passionate about solving complex business problems and you have an opinion about doing things the right way. You are a pacesetter who wants to set the standard; you are organized, self-directed, and committed to innovation. You are hungry to be on the critical path, to lead the discussion, and to have an impact on the world.


See the full description here.

As an Analytics Solutions Consultant, you thrive in a collaborative and fast paced environment. You enjoy and are capable of being the go-to person for company stakeholders, clients, and future customers. You are a pacesetter who wants to set the standard; you are organized, self-directed, and committed to innovation. More importantly, you are capable of navigating and solving the complexities of Property and Casualty insurance analytics and risks assignments.

See full job description here.

We are looking for a Senior Data Engineer with strong interest/experience working with remote sensing and imagery.  You will be building the platform that delivers processed data and imagery to our machine learning systems.  You will be doing advanced imagery manipulation and GIS processing.


See the full description here.

As a Machine Learning Scientist, you are comfortable and excited to work closely with the engineering team to build the best AI tech possible. You will develop top tier models that will give us strong insights to maximize the impact of our company efforts. You thrive in a collaborative, creative environment that moves fast and are comfortable setting in place structures and processes to help the company scale.

See the full description here.

We are looking for a Software Engineer (Backend) who is comfortable designing scalable APIs and distributed systems. You will have strong interests in all things data, and a passion for delivering high quality, rock-solid code. You will be part of the core team that will be charting the course for the entire platform.


See the full description here.