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Flood Risk Scores Powered by AI

Z-FLOOD™ is a predictive flood risk model that takes property characteristics, such as First Floor Elevation (FFE), into account to accurately assess flood risk for every building.

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The Z-FLOOD™ Difference

Assessing Flood Risk Without an Elevation Certificate

↳ A Major Problem

According to FEMA, damage from flooding causes approximately $17bn in annual economic losses.

↳ Evolving Our Understanding

First-floor elevation and construction affect a property's individual risk.

Breaking Down Flood Risk

The Z-FLOOD™ Community Score

The Z-FLOOD™ Community Score

How likely is the area around the property to experience flooding? 

Z-FLOOD™ uses cutting-edge predictive modeling techniques to assess the flood risk faced by the community.

The Z-FLOOD™ Property Score

The Z-FLOOD™ Property Score

If a property is involved in a flood, how likely is it to generate a claim? 

Z-FLOOD™ combines vital property details, including first-floor elevation (FFE), lowest & highest adjacent grade, and more to determine the likelihood of a claim.

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Data-driven Model Powered by Artificial Intelligence and Comprehensive Hydrology

  1. Improved Risk Selection
  2. Premiums Commensurate with Risk
  3. Decreased Loss Ratio
  4. Significant Cost Savings

Z-VIEW™ Application

Zero IT Integration & Easy to Use

Z-VIEW™ Application

Z-VIEW™ is a web-based application that gives users the ability to quickly access Z-FLOOD™ scores and score explanations for any address.

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  • Unprecedented transparency
  • Easy address lookup
  • Score explanations
  • Recent aerial imagery

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