Property & Casualty Use Cases

Underwriting & Portfolio Risk Assessment


  • Increase accuracy for pricing
  • Build models for autonomous underwriting
  • Enhance underwriting rules, loss ratios, and reinsurance analysis

Inspection Optimization


  • Decrease ratio of costly onsite inspections
  • Optimize selection for inspection based on data
  • Obtain high fidelity data on nearly 100% of your portfolio

Roof Inspection Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Customer Targeting & Engagement


  • Segment and target customers with surgical precision
  • Increase speed to quote and complete rate
  • Stop losing customers due to poor customer experience

Claims Management


  • Triage claims based on severity immediately after an event
  • Reduce expenses by automating generation of small-ticket claims
  • Reduce response time and adjustment costs

Claims Management Powered by AI

Access to Property Analytics


Ideal When Reviewing a Portfolio of Properties

Upload a List of Properties

on a secure server

Choose Required Data Features

that will append

Receive Data Back for the Properties

within 24 hours


Ideal When Evaluating, Quoting, Underwriting a Single Property

Access Data in Real-Time

through a Rest API

Embed in Existing Workflows

across underwriting, customer experience and home inspections

Receive Data in the Right Format

to be easily ingested by your current systems 

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